Team Augmentation Services

Affordable & high-quality on-demand IT talents to strengthen your internal development capabilities

Augment Your Team with Our IT Talent

Being a leading IT company, we help our customers fill their talent gaps through effective Team Augmentation Services. We help businesses find a perfect balance between their software development needs and the demand for talented skillsets through the right IT staffing services. Whether you need to build a cross-functional team or need to expand the proficiency of your existing in-house team, we help you reach your goals effortlessly.

Our Team Augmentation Services

Upscale your business with the right talent and skill set from Satva. We will help you to build capacity within your internal teams quickly and cost effectively.

Build New Team

Now easily meet your project requirements by building a team of skilled and talented IT professionals of your choice from Satva.

Skill-Based Hiring

Based on your different project requirements, hire talent with different technical expertise from Satva.

Extend Your Existing Team

Fill the IT gap in your business by hiring professionals from Satva and complete your software project tasks easily.

Vendor Transition

Satva team will help you with an easy transition from your existing vendor to ours in an organized and secure manner.

Time-Based Hiring

Now enjoy the ease of hiring the best talent for your short-term or long-term project needs from Satva.

Remote Hiring

Hire remote software developers that match your technical skills and industry needs from our larger talent pool.

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Easy, Direct Contact

Availability of Best Talents


Deadline Focused

Technology Proficiency

FAQ – Team Augmentation Services

Both of them are designed to help businesses with their software development needs.   


In the staff augmentation model, the company manages the external resources. They will be just adding some additional resources to the team while being at the top of management.  


In the case of the outsourcing model, the company gives away the responsibility of managing the tasks to the outsourced partner. They then take a backseat or invest their time and effort in core business areas, while the outsource partner will be managing IT needs on their behalf.

At Satva, we make it a point to hire the best resources on our team. Whether it is about checking the experience or eligibility, we carry out in-depth research before hiring a candidate. This will help you have the best resources available at your disposal to be hired.

Yes, we will. Once you have selected the candidates for your software development project, we will work towards coming up with NDAs and contracts that can be signed as a part of a mutual agreement. We will ensure your business experiences better ROI by setting up OKR.

No. You will have complete control and authority over the team and your project. 

Yes, it is. Our augmentation services will ensure you have an on-demand team available at your disposal, and we will cover everything including onboarding and recruitment.