About Us

Who are we

A certified Microsoft Partner with extensive experience in Dynamics 365 and .NET (dot net), Satva Softech adopts a mixed-shore approach across our UK, India and US offices. From vision to final product we want to be your technical development partner.


Onshore, our project management team work closely with you on strategy, planning, market and snag resolution. Offshore, our (in-house) development team provide you, or your project, with high-quality programming, specialist technical expertise, speed and flexibility.


We are Agile! It’s this mindset that helps us to ensure we deliver you high-quality, reliable tech solutions.

Our highly skilled teams come with expertise in a wide range of technologies to take your ideas through every phase of development.


…to become a leading force in providing innovative, cutting-edge technology solutions, empowering businesses to achieve their digital goals. We seek to build strong, enduring partnerships by delivering first-class, cost-effective systems that really make a difference. Equally, by striving continuously to innovate and improve our processes & technologies, we always aspire to remain our clients’ technical partner of choice.


At Satva Softech, we are dedicated to empowering our customers through innovative, user-centric software and talent solutions. Our mission is to exceed expectations by delivering high-quality products that seamlessly integrate with their needs. We are committed to fostering long-term partnerships, prioritising customer satisfaction, and continuously evolving to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of technology.
Our mission is to empower our clients and deliver innovative technology solutions with unparalleled user experiences, driving the future of digital transformation