Hire skilled, trusted & verified students for any job

The UniTaskr app is your gateway to young talent, for permanent, part-time and temp work.

UniTaskr is on a mission to solve the student financial crisis by helping students to gain valuable work experience flexible around their studies, all whilst earning money. They enable students to have the best experience during their studies and be ready to take on the working world when they graduate.


User-Centric Platform Development

Create a user-friendly platform connecting students with job opportunities. This involved crafting features for job listings, user requests, and onboarding access.

Administrative Oversight

An efficient admin system to manage job listings, user requests, and onboarding processes.

Enhanced Communication and Security

The development of a messaging feature to enable direct user communication. Additionally, a secure payment functionality had to be integrated to ensure safe and reliable transactions within the platform.

Comprehensive Cross-Device Access

Design a solution for both iOS and Android devices, providing a consistent and intuitive user experience across different platforms. The development also included a web-based administration component for enhanced management capabilities.


Satva created all the 3 aspects of the business, job creators portal, job seekers portal and admin portal. Satva leveraged the scalability of AWS cloud to develop a software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, constructing a web, iOS, and Android platform that runs on the state of the art .Net framework.

Tasks show up in a menu where admin can view and manage applicant activity; hires made, total applications, etc.

Effortlessly create tasks by detailing requirements, setting budgets, and adding multimedia content. Streamline the management of applicant activity, overseeing hires, applications, and other job posts.


All tasks created are shown in a ‘Task’ menu where admin can view and manage applicants activity i.e. hires made, payments and total applications. All users – students and hirers – have an Inbox for task related notifications and chat message notification.


Craft detailed profiles showcasing your skills and offered services. Seamlessly interact with job listings, ensuring you never miss out on opportunities. Stay updated on task-related activities and receive in-app chat notifications. Enjoy the security and convenience of receiving payments directly through the app. This platform is designed to enhance your experience and allow you to make the most of its capabilities.

Technology Used


Unitaskr has empowered and tapped into the potential of over 250k students and has achieved a transactional value of over $5M. As a businesses you can save both time and money by outsourcing tasks and freelance work to verified students any the pinnacle of their studies, all on the UniTaskr app! Have a SaaS product that needs to scale and want to go-to-market quickly? Get in touch with Satva today!