CRM & Back Office Management to simplify foreign currency exchange


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Transfer Connex offer international payment facilities to global institutions & private individuals

We worked with them to streamline the process of connecting with and on boarding clients who wish to make foreign currency transfers. Developing a bespoke CRM helped them optimise post trade admin, improve communication channels and automate repetitive data entry tasks, all of which helps keep up with the speed and demands of the ForEx space.


After taking a peak to understand their current system, we noticed areas where their business processes could be streamalined to simplify their administrative burden.


3rd Party Integrations

TransferConnex endeavour to get the best rates for their clients. To achieve this they use a number of providers to execute trades. We integrated our system with these 3rd Party platforms to speed up back office operations and easily summarise essential data.

Integrated Telecoms & Internal Chat Engine

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Transfer Connex did their research. Not one off-the-shelf CRM performed the way they needed nor offered the features specific to their requirement. We designed and developed a tailored system to bring together clients from all the platforms they use.


Now communication can be recorded on there own IP, progress can be tracked to increase sales and things are kept up-to-date and secure. This complex but simple-to-use system manages the whole organisation’s communication history, including inbound and outbound calls, tasks reminders, targets & goals.


More advanced features developed allow TransferConnex to generate market relevant reminders based on live trading data. These are unique innovations as CRMs wouldn’t integrate with FX rate tickers.


Simplicity is key when optimising an organisation’s internal processing operation. Satva’s sleek new CRM helped streamline Transfer Connex’s operations and improve its efficiency, making life easier for its management and staff.