A Sustainable Fashion Swap App

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Swapped is an application which allows users to Swap preloved items of clothing, for occasions, through a left/right swiping experience.


Swipers can revamp their wardrobe for the price of an Iced Latte! Their mission is to help decrease the 92 million tonnes (one truck every second) of clothing that go into landfill every year!



We created native android and iOS apps for a smooth, user-friendly journey whilst sifting through your options before you come to your chosen item. The system allows multiple users to swap items of clothing through a subscription model. Users connect directly through chat to get detailed information about the cloth brands before they choose.

Swipe Right

Swapped wanted to provide a simple shopping experience. A creative masterstroke saw Swapped as a matchmaker –  matching an individual’s style with clothing options – so what better way to sift through the options than with a Tinder style swipe; go right if you like and left if you don’t… simple!


The Swapped messenger streamlines item exchanges by providing secure in-app communication all whilst protecting user privacy. Swappers benefit from the convenience of sharing images, documents, and detailed descriptions, ensuring clear and transparent interactions.

What our client say

“Thank you for keeping the project on track and being patient with me with my thousand changes and tweaks. And Thank you for bringing Swapped to life!”


Swapped has been launched on the Apple & Google stores and is going wild on the socials. Our wonderful client was so grateful that we were able to help make her dream a reality. Swapped is developed for the ladies, who now have an easy-to-use mobile app to get that “brand new” look at their next events!