Easy K9

The Essential App for Dog Handlers and Trainers

Inter K9 transform Security Dog provisions

Inter K9 Training Services supply and train operational working canines for security and detection. They provide clients with fully trained operational dogs and dog teams for detection of explosives, weapons, drugs, and cigarettes. Their Dog/Handler teams work with airports, arenas, sporting venues, concerts, bus & train stations or anywhere that may be a potential target. With over 20 years of cumulative operational military experience, they have a significant operational military history.


Attempting to engage with trainers and handlers is manual. Finding and connecting with handlers, viewing their accreditation’s, exchanging information and scheduling work is an unnecessarily complex process.


Inter K9 and the dog training industry peers face many challenges, some of the key issues are:

Issues retrieving information

Manual record-keeping using paper files is time-consuming and disorganized. Also, managing schedules is a nice to have to cope up with multiple tasks.

Communication Challenges

The lack of a centralized system makes the collaboration and async communication between dog trainers and dog handlers tough.

Issues finding qualified dog trainers

The absence of task reporting leaves only a laborious process, relying on word-of-mouth or extensive research to find a good trainer.

Analytics and Reporting problems

Lack of recording and tracking training records hampers performance evaluation and comparison across teams.

Solution – The Easy K9 App

We worked with Inter K9 to develop Easy K9, it has been designed for security and detection dog handlers and trainers to keep a healthy record system of their dogs records as well as their own personal handling records. The apps features help increase standards within the industry; storing trainers’ training records, operational task reports to keep a healthy audit system of how much the trainer/dog team is being used throughout their shift, dog profiles, uploading microchip numbers, vaccination or medical records, and certifications your dog has qualified for.


The solution required native iOS & Android apps to deliver an exceptional user experience and high performance. Born from a rigorous design workshop and iterative process, Easy K9 allows Dog trainers and handlers to benefit from a unified interface.  Managers can control things through an web based interface to assess and approve new trainer registrations. Handlers locate nearby trainers, saving dog details, records, and certificates with ease. Satva’s compact yet comprehensive app streamlines the user experience for effortless training management.

Locate. Select. Share

Easy K9 handlers can easily find trainers that are close to their current or chosen location. They can find a suitable trainer by viewing their profile prior to making a selection to work with them. When a trainer is selected, the handler has the ability to share the necessary information. Trainers get an in-app notification and can decide whether or not to move forward with training the handler and dog team.

What the client says

“Have received really good feedback from the app design so far! Great job.”


“Great work everyone! We finally got there for phase 1.”


A single platform where users can upload and securely manage all of their dog’s information. Given that their dog’s details are maintained digitally, they may be easily circulated between trainers and handlers, whilst minimising the amount of manually recorded information.