A platform for hospitality jobs, events and community



Countertalk is a community working to make hospitality work places better.

Countertalk was set up as a community to help find, share, and support great businesses – bringing food lovers together and making a positive change in workplaces. They only advertise the top 3% of jobs across the hospitality industry, from chef de partie, pastry chefs, food writers, marketers, food stylists, commis chefs and so much more. One of Satvas esteemed clients recommended Countertalk speak to us when he heard they were having trouble communicating and planning their development with thier current team. They were creating a brand new website that represents thier ideals – not just a job board…a community.

A website built to help the hospitality and food industry, in providing a space for sharing jobs with a pool of talented candidates


One of the main elements Countertalk wanted Satva to design was a brand new job listing layout. Each job is unique therefore, so should be the job advert. Users should easily grasp what the job is, the salary and its location without having to navigate back and forth when they want to learn more. We designed a Job section where users can view a snapshot of all available jobs, then expand the advert that piques their curiosity without having to veer away from the snapshot as they’re likely to view others.


Countertalk also wanted to diversify their offering to include features that add value for their clients. We created Spaces, this feature gives restaurants the ability to list their space to hire for pop-ups, events and concepts. Restaurants can use the platform to expand their workforce and capitalise on their venue.

What our client say

“You’ve been an absolute dream to work with and have restored our faith in the site to be honest”

Rav Gill (Founder)


With a cleaner user journey for job seekers and added features for their restaurant clients, Countertalk have created a valuable tool for their audience. Their are now 50% more restaurants onboard and there has been a 40% increase in job seekers using the site. Countertalks clever ideas have been successfully translated onto their site and working closely with them to build the ideal experience has proved valuable to their clients and job seekers alike.