The simple and effective online rewards programme

Cordoba Rewards is a unique, proprietary platform built over five years to meet one aim: managing reward schemes simply, flexibly and efficiently.

The cloud-based system has become an integral part of Cordoba’s clients employee satisfaction provisions. The Cordoba Rewards system is simple; points are awarded to staff in recognition of them demonstration good, quality and hard work, then staff can exchange these points for a wide range of products and services available their ecommerce platform.

Our objective was to develop a brand new business-to-business, e-commerce platform where companies make a profile to award points an staff create one to receive and spend them.

We created and tested a few builds, presenting them to Cordoba's target audience to gather which resonates the most.

Tech Stack



A must for any company serious about providing the best for users. Especially when a service based around employee engagement. We made the responsive at the time and continue to user test the website for newly popular and emerging devices and platforms.


Cordoba Rewards system is a triumph of innovative platform design & development, technology, usability. Their solution has had a huge increase in employee engagement for their client.