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Cordoba Rewards’ platform is being developed and improved with every client on-boarded to become the stand-out employee rewards program

The cloud-based system is the nucleus of Cordoba’s business. The idea is simple; points are awarded to staff as a way of recognising and rewarding their work, employees can then exchange these points choosing from a whole host of products and services on the ecommerce platform.

The Company

Peter founded the Cordoba Group two decades ago, dedicated to assisting businesses in boosting engagement and sales. Over the years, the Cordoba team has developed numerous sales and people management strategies, all underpinned by programs for assessment and development. Recognizing the critical role of rewards in performance improvement, Cordoba launched Cordoba Rewards in 2011. This tool was designed to foster motivation, loyalty, and advocacy in a powerful way.

The Challenges

Navigating Custom Rewards Portals

 Developing a robust online rewards portal for high-profile clients like Siemens and XPO Logistics, enabling point distribution to employees.

Adapting to Evolving Platform Feedback

Rapidly creating and refining multiple platform builds based on client feedback.

Streamlining New Customer Onboarding

Establishing an efficient onboarding process for new customers by generating individual tenants.

Mastering Agile Software Management

Building and managing the software promptly with a proficient technical team, allowing Cordoba to prioritize their core business.

“they take time to understand the clients needs, they communicate regularly and they deliver on time”

— Peter McDonnell

The Solution

Cordoba sought a swiftly-deployable platform and a partner with a UK presence for an immersive, 3 dimension interaction. That’s when Satva stepped in with an innovative partnership proposal. The Satva UK team hit the ground running the very next day to capture clear requirements, design the architecture, and our engineering team started working iteratively to develop updated builds every week until the perfect product-market fit was achieved.


The end result? A highly-efficient web-based solution for motivation, loyalty, and advocacy. On mobile devices, the site works as a Progressive Web App (PWA), offering an app-like experience. Users can save it to their devices, enabling the system to use push technology for updating new listings.

“They are a bright crew of individuals who understand the business, technology and most importantly they understand that the need to deliver is critical to success!”

— Peter McDonnell

The Result

Partnering with Satva, the Cordoba rewards platform has undergone substantial evolution over the years, continuously being refined and enriched with advanced features. This partnership has positioned Cordoba to become an industry frontrunner. Most importantly, Satva helped Cordoba Rewards to rapidly penetrate the market, all while delivering a robust, dependable product!

“Satva goes above and beyond to make sure that when we take our product to market, we get the right product for the right people at the right time”

— Peter McDonnell