Connecting you with a workforce of students.

UniTaskr is on a mission to provide paid work opportunities and experience to millions of students around the world. They want to provide opportunities across multiple areas such as Online freelance tasks, In person odd jobs and Nano-Influencer marketing. UniTaskr is your gateway to trusted young talent, for permanent, part-time, or temp roles. At the moment they have developed a unique strategy, made possible by their vast network of 160,000 student influencers, content creators and brand ambassadors.

UniTaskr wanted to build a part time job work system which can work as app and website. Client also required admin panel where they can manage whole system. Also, from admin side management system client can check users’ issues and direct communicate with users. In addition, they requested payment functionality in both sides.

Technology used for the project:

Programming Language:

  • Cshtml, JS, SignalR
  • Net MVC , .Net Core 3.1 , .Net 5.0
  • NET Core Web API , WEb API 2.0 , Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Web Server:

  • IIS , Azure DevOps

Login Pages: There are three different logins; for business/public and student and admin users. Users can also login with Facebook and Apple.

Users can sign in as business/public and student account and after verification with given email and phone number they can post and start that task and send payment.

In business/public account users can login with Apple and Facebook account or else they can create separate account for Unitaskr.

In admin side there authorised login for all admin users.

Task: Satva designed Business/public account where there is task model business can create tasks based on their requirement, add details and budget they also can upload image or video for more clarification.
There is also time deadline details and total number of student requirement for that task.

Task will show in public/business accounts in my task menu, where all completed, draft and buying task will show. From this task menu they can manage applicants activity like hire, payment and total student applied etc. User can click on Inbox for task related notifications and chat message notification

Marketplace: is created by student where student create one kind of task based on given category, sub-category, and their skills. Whereas business and public account will show categories and based on their requirement they can buy this service and once its completed they make the payment for this service. Pretty much like a resume where user can show case their skills and get hired.

Gamification Element: Prize Draw

Satva built a gamification element where student will get points based on monthly completed tasks, services, share tasks, share services etc. these points will show on users account prize draw model which will allow them to view winner prices on its home page, this is a great way to increase students engagement.

Shout Campaign:
Shout campaign model handled by the admin, admin can create task from admin panel and add into shout model. In this model admin can invite, hire, and pay the student from admin side. Admin also can send chat messages to student from shout campaign.