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Staff Assist deliver industry-leading services to clients across London and the Home Counties – Whether they are looking for drivers, or they are themselves, experienced and high-quality HGV-trained drivers, and other specialists. Staff Assist focus on delivering the highest quality of candidates, vacancies, and service. Staff Assist UK can offer staff, advice and assistance in a range of specialist areas. Not just drivers with HGV and PSV licenses, but warehouse staff, coordinators, and experienced specialists from across the logistics industry to make you sure you know what you have, where it is and can get it where it needs to be without incident.

Aim of this project was to keep track of user’s time which can be difficult if you’re not well organised, and this is where we designed QBIS Connect which can help with minimal effort. All in a well-designed user interface that presents all users upcoming and past jobs in a clear and meaningful way, and it’s perfect for anyone who works hourly or shifts positions or random hours.

While designing this app Satva had to keep in mind of what the client’s requirement is for the app. According to client’s requirements we included some key features such as availability updates, Clock in and Clock out, reminder notifications, so that you never forget to Clock In or Out and upcoming jobs confirmed prior to your start, job location view, job distance view, cancel jobs, intuitive Interface etc.

Technology used for the project:

Android App: Android Native
iOS App: iOS Native
Backend: .Net
Frontend: Angular

Client wanted Satva to build something where they can track job time and durations and make sure the user perform the job in assigned area. Satva build three types of Clock-In/Out:

1. Location Based
2. QR Code Based
3. Free Type