Asset Management System





  • A user friendly application for Android and iOS, lets you easily and quickly manage your assets. It can be configurable (conceptually) for any kind of asset.
  • Customization Asset Attributes & Grouping of similar characteristic assets e.g. Xerox machine and X-ray machine have different set of attributes/characteristic for analysis/identification.
  • Integrated applications modules – Web Application & Mobile App
  • Support Barcode/QR code scanning by any android/ iOS device.
  • Quickly update your stock and status, directly into your application.
  • Categorize assets with asset type & Customization Asset Attributes
  • Support bulk insert for quick and easy import multiple assert.
  • Total Asset valuation and current market value of asset.
  • Graphical representation for various statistic analysis.
  • Statistic Reports & Historical details for analysis.