Hiring a Developer vs. Doing it Yourself: Pros and Cons

Why hire great software developers?

Hiring great software developers is like recruiting the best players for your team. Software developers are the team’s backbone, so having the best developers is always a great choice.

They contribute so much to your business because they work with high efficiency, so hire software developers that are great in their respective fields and can actually deliver the result you are looking for.

The only problem is that they are rare to find. Why? Because everywhere, we see businesses growing and most of them need software developers. They are like a gem that is very difficult to find. And yet, they’re spread among various companies, agencies, and organizations.

You’ll have a harder time finding qualified developer candidates with no solid system. But with the right strategy, great developers will come for you, hoping that you will hire them.

Here’s how you can find great software developers when you need one:

Choose the type of developer you require:

You can find success with a targeted search for a software developer. Although there are many different types of software developers, most of them fit into one of three categories:

  • Front-end developers – Whether it’s a website, an app, or another type of interface, the front end is what the user interacts with. Typically, knowledge of scripting languages like JavaScript and a knack for design are needed to develop the front end.
  • Back-end developers – If the software’s front end is its frame, its back end is its engine. Back-end developers frequently use compiled languages like Java, C++, or C# in their work. Additionally, these developers typically have a solid grasp of database technologies like SQL.
  • Full-stack developers – Full-stack developers, jack-of-all-trades as some would call them, are the experts in both front-end and back-end development. They are fluent in all of the languages listed above.

Create an effective job description

Give prospective candidates a clear idea of your ideal software developer when you advertise your open position. When selecting software developers, keep the following in mind:

  • Essential technical skills – Technical proficiency should obviously be a factor. This includes having a working knowledge of programming languages. Additionally, be specific about the field you want them to apply for. By doing this, the applicant will be more specific as well when they share their expertise in that field.
  • Nice-to-have skills – Everybody has a preferred working setting. You should be aware of the candidate’s preferences for the workplace. Teamwork is important, and by evaluating the candidate in this way, you can determine whether they will fit in with the existing work environment.
  • Soft skills – These can be just as crucial as programming abilities, particularly in a team environment. Identify their soft skills, especially in terms of communication, empathy, and teamwork for these are the characteristics that will let you stay longer in the business. Talent can get you there, but good character and attitude will make you last.

Offer a salary that is competitive

Candidates with expertise anticipate receiving a salary in line with their level of expertise. As a result, you must compensate them fairly. Looking for a skilled software developer is not a quick and easy process for most employers. If you happened to get one, maintain a good relationship and do not let the sentiment of being underpaid arise. That’s a perfect recipe to lose a very capable software developer.

The majority of job seekers have the mindset that they should be a valuable economic product so that people will take care of them. And we should need to all think like that.

Work with a recruiter to bring on a software developer

Working with recruitment agencies is a great option because it can be very difficult to find excellent developers on your own.

Even though you’ll have to pay, at least you’ll be able to save tons of time and effort and have a great developer.

Things To Look For In Software Developer Candidates

When hiring a software developer, we want someone who is really a great help to us. In order to find the best fit, look for the following things for your desired software developer:

Search For A Smart Software Engineer

Of course, one wouldn’t be great if he is not smart. So basically, a smart software engineer is what you’re finding for.

A smart software engineer could offer a lot and can be an asset to your business, so having a smart software engineer is the thing that you should look for when hiring.

Look For A Versatile Polyglot

You just don’t need to look for a smart software developer but also a versatile one. Because a smart but only focuses on one thing lesser than the smart and versatile at the same time.

This is applicable when there’s a problem that can’t be fixed by just one programming language.

Here comes versatility because a versatile developer can easily fix that problem without any sweat. As the employer, you have saved a lot of time and effort, and you can say that your pay for the developer is worth it so hire software developers that is versatile.

Find Someone Who Can Communicate and Work With You

Communication is always the key. Without proper communication, everything falls apart. The developer is the backbone of the team, but with no communication, the team will never win.

Working with someone who can communicate with you makes the work easy to understand because things are planned well and in order. That is why communication is a must-have when hiring a software developer.

Look For A Creative Developer

Smart and creative are somehow intertwined, but you need to be specific because sometimes there are smart that is not creative and vice versa. A creative developer has so many ideas stored in mind. Has the ability to use specific design software to create magnificent interface animation and UI design structure. These developers are adept in HTML, CSS, and javascript coding. Their work is the first thing a user sees and appreciates so getting one in your team is a great investment. A smart developer knows how to fix things, but a creative developer differs in the process because of the ways they fix it and that is a skill that is very rare to find. So when finding a developer, a creative one should be part of your list.

Focus on Talent Rather Than Experience

Many people are saying that experience is the best teacher. Well, it is true but talent is a different thing. It is a natural thing that just comes out from you. So if you have that, you’re lucky.

For employers, we all know that you would do everything for your business so you’re making sure that the one you are hiring is the best one so you usually choose the one who has the experience. Maybe this is the time to change your ways, and start considering young developers with no experience but has talent. You can give the experience later as you grow together with your business.

Where to Look for Potential Candidates

The following items are where you can find potential candidates for a software developer that you are badly needing.

Blogs And Technical Postings

Here, you can assess the candidates if they are the best fit for your desired developer. Blogs and technical postings provide insightful information about the technical abilities, problem-solving abilities, and soft skills of the developer. They have a good chance of producing high-quality software projects if they can clearly explain a project.

Open Source Code Contributors

You can find highly qualified candidates on websites like SourceForge and GitHub, where you can also view code samples to determine if they’re a good fit for the position.

Actually, there are many platforms available online where you can find great developers. It’s just a matter of time and energy to personally find them on different platforms.

Coding Competition Sites

You can hire challenge winners from leaderboards on websites like CodeChef, HackerRank, and TopCoder. There you can find the best of the best developers because winning proves that you are above amongst others. So take a chance at coding competitions. You might stumble across a very intelligent software developer that can actually help you with your business.

The downside of this is that you have so many competitors that are vying for the winner. Some would offer great money so that they could have the winner. So if you are a start-up business, this is not advisable for you. Try the other two recommendations above before this one because the competition here is strong as well.


Hiring a developer with bad working habits and mediocre skills is a big waste of time and money. Part of starting a business is making sure every member of the team has a fighter mentality coupled with skills. Finding the right software developer for your needs is quite a tedious task with all the resumés and background checks that are going to take place. To make the process easy, getting an agency would be a great idea.

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