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Counter Talk is a community working to make hospitality work places better.

Counter talk was set up as a community to help find, share, and support great businesses – bringing food lovers together and making a positive change in workplaces. Counter Talk promotes and highlights healthy work environments, connect people, and engage in meaningful actions to improve the industry they love so much. Counter Talk advertise jobs in roles across the hospitality industry, from chef de partie, pastry chefs, food writers, marketing managers, food stylists, commis chefs and so much more. At counter Talk only the top 3% of jobs are posted! so it meets counter talk criteria and post affordable jobs.

Rav Gill (Founder)- “You’ve been an absolute dream to work with and have restored our faith in the site to be honest”

A website built to help the hospitality and food industry, in providing a space for sharing jobs with a pool of talented candidates. Satva Softech is working closely with the Counter Talk team to enhance their current platform as they scale and bring in more users to their site.

As new ideas are brought to the table, we are open and transparent with our pricing plans to offer the best solution to fit within their budget. After deciding the price plan Satva Softech smoothly took over the WordPress website built by the previous agency – solving any old or new issues that come along the way to make their site perfect.

Original from the website

Satva’s Design

One of the element Counter Talk wanted Satva to design a similar job listing layout to their previous one, as a result we designed similar variation of the job listing and conducted user testing with their target audience to see which one they liked. After conducting the user testing, user liked the last one because the content is clear & easy to read, and it also have various icons (arrow pointing).

Satva Softech had to build new version of a job display page, to build this we start with designing wireframes, prototypes and then the final design before we finalise the final design, we do useability testing.

The below image shows before and after of a payment page, before page was designed using the old version and the after was designed using the latest version of the stripe Integration. This update was necessary for accepting 3D Secure/SCA Approved Payments.