Currency Transfers made simple with CRM & Back Office Management System

Transfer Connex provides personal and businesses with the tools and information they need to fulfil their foreign currency requirements. Making overseas payments can be expensive, confusing and time consuming, Transfer Connex makes this easy-to-use online platform is designed to make the process as quick and cost effective as possible.

Satva Softech was taken a task to optimise and automate the admin process & improve customer communication within the company. To do that Satva build CRM and back-office management system. To build the platform Satva broke this down to different section:

Allows management to see the birds eye view of the overall business activities
Traders, brokers & staff will be able to view their own performances against their targets
Current activities and inbound & outbound calls/tasks
3rd Party Integration:

Currencycloud & GC Partners connects with trading platform and shows trading activities along with commissions.

Ring Central:
Able to view all incoming & outgoing calls
Dashboard to view call activities on a bigger screen
Advance Reporting
Ability to answer and make calls using the platform

Currencycloud makes it easier for entrepreneurs to launch new financial services which allows them to easily receive funds and allow their customers to collect payments into local accounts. Currencycloud quickly access virtual named accounts for the customers which collect, convert, pay, and manage multiple currencies simultaneously — anywhere in the world. They also access real-time wholesale FX rates and eliminate risk for their customer.

Advanced chat functionalities to manage all internal communications
Multitask and assist several site visitors at once
Enhanced synchronised support
Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

CRM benefits Transfer Connex by helping them centralise, optimise and streamline their communications with customers, and become better. This system is able to manage all communication history including inbound and outbound calls. It also sends out tasks and reminders of goals, meetings etc.

Benefits of CRM & Back Office Management System:
Automated Tasks
Reporting & Visibility
Close more Sales
Unify your workspace
Privacy & Security
User Experience (UX)
More clear Communication
Make better Decisions
Manage on-the-go