About StaffAssist UK

Staff Assist UK connectlogistics company’s to a pool of cadidates. They specialise in providing experienced, qualified drivers and drivers mates, whateverthe requirement. Whetherlong-term, short-term orto fill in for a last minute drop out



An all encompassing system to (1) record (2) manage and (3) organise data for (1) employees, (2) employers and (3) clients (all whilst staying compliant). This had become vital to keep up with the growing demand for their services and for future growth plans.

The solution commission was a bespoke system that brings together processes for all departments; sales, recruitment, on-boarding, compliance and payroll.

Their idea would become a completely new addition to the business so we were tasked with working alongside Staff Assistto develop an interface & experience that users could get used to with minimaltime loss.


Staff Assist now have an All-In-One operational and management system both Desktop & Mobile App developed to keep compliance top of mind at every stage.

Through the app in-house personnel can push details to staff for any upcoming Jobs based on their current/chosen locations, staff can confirm their availability or update and store availability.

When on site they’ll be reminded to clock in/out , this data is gathered as their TimeSheet and is available to PayRoll.

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