The Simple And Effective Online Rewards Programme

Cordoba Rewards is a unique, proprietary platform built over five years to meet one aim: managing reward schemes simply, flexibly, and efficiently. The system is cloud based and operates alongside existing systems, working easily on various devices. Cordoba Rewards works very simply through points awarded to staff on a regular basis when they work and behave in certain ways. Each person can exchange the points for their choice from a huge range of products and services set out in an attractive online catalogue that really does have something to offer for everyone.

The objective was for Satva Softech to built a new e-commerce platform which is a business-to-business platform where company and the staff can join. Their staff can be awarded rewards points which can be spent on the site, there are 1000’s of products for staff to choose from they can choose many products depending on how many points they have.

Satva Softech designed various designs to find out which one the target audience preferred; from those various designs these are two they found more engaging and user friendly. After conducting further more testing’s, we designed the final design for all our pages from user feedbacks.

Following are the two designs that users preferred, out of the two-designs user chose design 2:

Satvas involvement i.e. tech used for the project:
We develop the new platform using .NET solution with SQL server. With .NET, we can ensure that the solution is more secure and robust then the existing one
Mobile responsive PWA
Bulk Import process for adding and updating products
Advanced Reporting

These are some of the screen designs from the website which Satva Softech developed:

These are some of the screen designs from the website which Satva Softech developed:

Maintaining the platform for the client on regular bases by communicating and available to assist.
Continuously discussing and leasing with the client making sure the system is working smoothly as possible.
Understanding there needs and requirements if there are any changes to make on the website.

Responsive web design is a must for company that is serious about providing the best for their audience. A responsive website will deliver the best user-experience across all devices. Satva Softech built a responsive website so it works on many different platforms: